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Washington, D.C.


Please find information pertaining to the 2022-2023 proposed Orchestra trip to Washington, D.C. here. 

We will continue to add details as the year progresses and decisions are made. 

Details subject to change. Most current information will be sent through email.


Washington, D.C. 


April 20 - 24, 2023


Open to all Orchestra students. Directors will be in attendance.

Parent chaperones are needed.


Letter of Commitment and Non-Refundable Trip Deposit is due by 9/28/2022

Amount $250.00 per person

(payable by Cashier's Check or Money Order)


Amount $250.00 per person + credit card processing fee if paying online through the link at the top of this page

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: (based on student quad package price)

1st Payment:                 $250.00                         Paid to school (before 9/28/22)

2nd Payment:                $273.00                         ONLINE Due Date: 10/28/22

3rd Payment:                 $272.20                         ONLINE Due Date: 11/28/22

4th Payment:                 $272.20                         ONLINE Due Date: 12/28/22

5th Payment:                 $272.20                         ONLINE Due Date: 1/28/23

6th Payment:                 $272.20                         ONLINE Due Date: 2/28/23

Final Payment:              $272.20                         ONLINE Due Date: 3/28/23

NOTE: Payments made online by credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) will be subject to online transaction fees.

Perform America-TX, LLC will be handling your trip registration and payments. All travelers must register online. A customized web page for your program has been set up that contains all of the trip details and allows you to register and make payments online. With the exception of the initial deposit, payments can still be made by check to avoid fees. Instructions on how to do so will appear on the initial page. The above payment schedule also applies if paying by check. Travelers delinquent by two monthly payments are subject to having their reservation canceled by Perform America-TX, LLC. Please contact your PAT account representative if you need to communicate a late payment. Often, simple communication may prevent cancellation.

NOTE: Travel insurance information and registration is available at the same above link. The direct link to the STUDENT/CHAPERONE CFAR insurance is: If interested in travel insurance, you must purchase before making your final payment. If paying your trip in
full, you must purchase travel insurance FIRST. 
If you have questions about the trip or the registration process, you may call Perform America-TX at 281-886-7690. If you are unable to register online, we can help you make your reservation over the phone.

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