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Concert Etiquette

The students work every day, in and out of school, to enhance their musical skills and our concerts are an opportunity for them to shine & show off. We would like to remind everyone that concert etiquette should be practiced. 

  1. Do NOT enter, exit or walk the aisles while a performance is on-going. Please wait at the top of the stairs/along the wall until the piece is completed.

  2. No TALKING during performances. Please hold conversations (including whispers) till after a piece is finished or take it outside the auditorium doors.

  3. No cell phones or electronic devices that can make noise or cast light from flashlights or screens. If you must make or take a phone call please do it outside of the auditorium and enter and exit only between music pieces.

  4. No Food or Drink in the auditorium.

  5. Clapping and cheering are encouraged but remember to hold applause until the conductor has stepped off the podium to signal the completion of the piece.

Concerts at CyWoods

We host approximately three to four concerts a year in the auditorium of CyWoods High School. Each concert is about 90 minutes. Our concerts are open to all and we look forward to seeing you as dates are announced.


The doors will open approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of the first performance. Why you may wonder? Our students rehearse immediately before the performances and the fewer people in the auditorium the fewer distractions and better the concentration.

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